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Whether you are in pre-litigation or already embroiled in a lawsuit, we often recommend our clients to consider mediation in real estate disputes because of the uncertainty that is inherent in litigation.

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When is Mediation in Real Estate used?

Mediation in real estate can be used for all kinds of disputes, including, but not limited to: leasing disputes, disputes regarding title, purchase and sale disputes, probate matters, and partition cases. This applies to both residential and commercial real estate.

In fact, in certain types of real estate contracts, mediation may be a requirement before any lawsuit is filed if you want to preserve your right to contractual attorneys’ fees.

For example, this contractual provision is usually included in most standard  of Realtor form agreements, such as a residential purchase and sale agreement.

Protect Your Rights with the Help of Our Expert Attorneys

If you want to take back possession of your property from a deadbeat tenant or sue your slum landlord who will not make timely and needed repairs, we can help.

If you are trying to sell a property or are buying your first home, we can help.

If you are in a battle with your Condominium Association, we can help.

Real Estate Litigation

We routinely represent parties in real estate litigation & mediation matters involving specific performance under purchase agreement, Quiet Title Actions, and Commercial Leasing disputes.

When there are disputes between parties in the real estate transactions, the closing of the escrow would be difficult and may last for a long time. We are experienced in addressing all these problematic issues in real estate transactions. We help our clients in the mediation, arbitration or even the litigation to resolve the disputes with high efficiency.

Landlord Tenant Law can be legally and emotionally fraught as well and there is a high degree of legal complexity regarding the rights of each party in the dispute.  A qualified real estate attorney is essential in these disputes. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in Landlord Tenant Law, residential lease agreements, and litigating lease disputes.

5 Tips for Mediating Real Estate Disputes

  • Before the mediation think of your bottom line. In mediation terms, the bottom line figure is the number that you are willing to settle for to avoid the risk of taking your matter to trial.
  • Analyze the role attorneys’ fees play in your case. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your relative position in the case) attorneys’ fees have to be factored into a risk analysis.
  • Never show your cards. Never reveal your final position until it truly is that. Never.
  • Try to Pick a Good Mediator. We think of mediators like a good handshake. A nice firm handshake conveys strength and assuredness, while a soft handshake conveys a lack of power, introversion and even a lack of confidence. 
  • ​Bring a settlement alternative. You maybe looking for a lump sum settlement payment up front, but think about alternatives. Maybe you would be willing to settle for a payment plan if the total amount is higher. 


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